Kaiser Permanente | Walnut Creek Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente | Walnut Creek Medical Center | Nutrition Station Remodel

Special Finishes:
We installed 14 nursing stations at Walnut Creek Medical Center. This project required demolition and contained off-haul, millwork, carpentry, drywall (double rock due to elevator shafts with OSHPD jogging), taping, FRP protection, sealants and caulking, painting, new grid and ceiling tile, floor covering, plumbing and electrical. We also installed  owner-supplied equipment: structural mounted electronic refrigerator, structural mounted two microwaves, structural mounted coffeemaker.

Difficult Tasks:
This project was set in occupied trauma and cardiac wings of Walnut Creek hospital  and required infection and dust control Level-3, 24/7 (air scrubbers and barriers) and MSDS report maintenance.

Project Data
Client Duration Area

Architect Status
Kaiser Permanente 42 weeks 2,100 sq ft | 150 sq ft each HY Architects Complete

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