Tampico Terrace Care Center

Tampico Terrace Care Center | Infrastructure Modifications

Special Finishes:
Working at the beautiful Tampico Terrace Care Center since 2008, we have completed numerous exciting projects, including a three-phase demolition of existing one-ply roof system and mechanical units, the installation of  new elastomeric polyurethane roof membrane and 24 new mechanical units (an OSHPD project). We installed new ductwork, ran new cable throughout the facility for their new technical infrastructure.

We also installed new nursing stations at north and south areas constructed within a fully occupied area, ADA shower rooms, performed exterior modifications and ADA upgrades, provided landscaping improvements the entire facility and perform ongoing service work.

Difficult Tasks:
Maintaining infectious control in a 24/7 110 bed acute care setting environment.

Project Data

Duration Area Architect Status
Tampico Terrace Care Center
28, 926 sq ft The Stinnett Group Complete

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